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  • Objective
  • Timing
  • Target
  • Budget
  • Expectation


Research & Analysis



Simply put, we make it happen!

Television can be evaluated several different ways. The key is to always keep your target consumer in mind whether focusing on either cable or network targeting your choice of specific programming or broad rotators.



Radio is a reach and frequency medium that hits your audience with a shotgun approach. Success is dependent upon having the right creative message heard by the person, the right number of times.


Sponsorship can be a very effective way of exposing your brand to the right people in an ideal setting. Our team will evaluate and execute sponsorship opportunities on your behalf always keeping in mind pre-determined metrics for success.


Outdoor advertising comes in many shapes and sizes from billboards to bus shelters, public transportation to taxi tops and everything in between. It’s evaluated based on impressions and the creative is always key.


Need an event produced? Have an objective in mind? Fear not, our team will handle it from start to finish.


Companies have many options when marketing your product or service digitally included but not limited to banner ads, streaming services, social media, email marketing and even mobile devices. Alliance Activation can help with it all.


If done the right way, print media can still be an effective way to market your product or service. Let’s work together and determine if it’s best for your brand.